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Showing posts from July, 2005
If I don't begin posting new entries, I'm not sure I will commit to what I plan on doing. The truth is my right knee is too far gone for me to run another marathon. It's not just the clicking and pops I feel when I'm running, but now I experience pain on the days I run. It's not worth damaging my joints further. However, there is another way to participate in a marathon. I've known this since Hawaii. So, I'm going to walk a marathon. That's right. I'm going to walk the 26.6 miles. Sure, it may take me all day (and according to my early calculations, it really WILL take me all day), but I've started something here. I want to continue to raise money in the way I've been able to do the past two years. And with no movie premieres to turn into fundraising functions on the near horizon, this is my best bet. So there, I've said it. Now I have committed to the training and I will now think of a new letter to put in the mail in the nex