Monday, September 15, 2003

Follow-up for Friday...

Got home from work and was greeted by a package from Brian McMahon, old college roommate. Brian and I met freshman year when we were both in the bass drum section together (there were only four of us). That friendship carried over into Kappa Kappa Psi, in which both of us didn't take anything too seriously, and then into our sophomore year when Brian came on board to live with Dan, Brad, Hurley and myself.

I have to say that throughout college, I was closer to Dan than I was to anyone else. But Brian is of Irish and Italian heritage, so once you're in good with him... well, let's just say he takes the word "brotherhood" to heart.

Brian and I have grown closer since graduation and our move out here. He came to visit once and that was great. The one thing that really touched me occurred last year at Bob's wedding. During the reception, he took me outside on to the streets of Cleveland and wanted to know how we (Jules and the family) were doing. And he asked heartfelt questions about how Jake was doing and how we were hanging in there. I have to say, this type of concern surprised me, not because it was Brian, but because no one had ever really taken me aside like that and posed the questions in that way. From that night on, I've really tried to keep contact with Brian.

That's the back-story. When I got home on Friday, Julie handed me this wonderful, touching letter from Brian. He had decided that he wanted to help and he collected over $1100 for the marathon. I was blown away. Far and beyond the call of duty, Mr. McMahon.

I am constantly being blown away by how much support and help I am receiving on this fundraiser. I am blessed on that end.


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