Thursday, September 18, 2003

Overslept this morning. Guess I was a little more exhausted than I thought yesterday. Went to bed early, too.

Tomorrow I'll do a light run and some cross training, maybe some yoga.

Kind of a sad day today. My co-workers last day. It'd be different if she were leaving for a new job. That'd be a happy occasion. But as it is, she was laid off. And with her leaving, it only makes me think that my job may be over soon, as well.

When I think about the 5 years I've been at this one PLACE, and that I've seen the same faces for all of that time. There are people who have known me since Sophie was an infant and who were there when Jacob was born.

And the women in this department I work in, well, they were the first people I turned to when I hung up the phone with Julie the day we found out about the CF. They’ll be forever etched in my mind and heart because of that. Kind of like knowing where you were on Sept. 11 or the day the jury came in for the OJ trial.

I look around my cubicle and see these photos of Sophie in the various stages of her life. It breaks my heart to think about not having her being able to come to work with me and sit in the cubicle behind me, pretending that it's HER office and computer and phone. It's at times like this in my life that I feel blessed. I'm blessed that I have a wife who loves me despite my many flaws. And I have two of the most wonderful children a parent could ask for. I'm blessed, despite the CF.

I've been driving around with Springsteen's "New York Serenade" stuck in my head all day, in particularly the last few bars on the piano and the strings that play so beautifully. Can't get it out of my head and it's driving me nuts. I even tried listening to Hall and Oates (Say, say, say, say.... Say it isn't so, so, so...)

That didn't work.

Everything seems up in the air right now. The only thing that grounds me is my family.

Tomorrow is another day. We'll see what it brings.


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