Monday, September 15, 2003

The weekend:

Ran 6 miles on Saturday morning. I ran with two people from the City of Hope team. They ran at a little bit of a slower pace than me, but it was nice to meet new people. They did not know what CF is and how it affected its victims, so at least I was able to pass along some information. These two folks were running 8 miles, so I turned around at mile 3.

On the way back, I went for a negative spilt and pushed myself. I didn't make it back any faster, but it was still.... refreshing, I guess is the word, to work it without anyone else around and no headphones on.

The rest of the day Saturday was spent hanging out. We went to the Cruz' for Rebecca's birthday party, and Budd took me to this classic car show the city of Saugus was holding. I didn't think I'd really enjoy looking at old hot rods, but I really dug looking into late 60's, early 70's Chevys (Chevelle).

Budd said I could easily find the money to buy myself one of these cars. I said I'd get myself one of the muscle cars when they find a cure. He smiled and we walked on.


On Sunday I watched the Browns get humiliated by the dreaded freakin Ravens (aka the old Browns). I paid $100 for this? Ugh. Fixed the front door and we looked into buying the kids new mattresses. Jacob WILL NOT sleep in his crip anymore. He only goes to sleep in our bed. Greaaaaat.

Had a conference call with those guys about the horror movie and we worked out some ideas. I'm supposed to come up with a treatment in the next couple of days.

That's the weekend update.



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