Saturday, October 02, 2004

Boy, I started out great this morning. I ran alone for the entire run (except for about 20 minutes when Robert tagged along with me). Relaxed and feeling very smooth, I thought the run was going to be a breeze. I began with a 5/1, but took it relatively slow. I wasn't pushing myself to break any records. And the first 10 miles went by without a hitch. In fact, I felt strong enough to switch up to a 6/1 for the last four miles.

Then my stomach stirred up a riot and my run broke down. First there were the gas pains (reminding me of that incident last year... for those of you who've read this blog for awhile, you know what I'm talking about). I was able to get through those pains, but then I got a stitch in my left side that prevented me from running at all. The last three miles were tough. Oh, they weren't unbearable, but they took a long time and sapped all of my energy. I wound up walking the lat mile. It was a let down, for sure, but not as disappointing as that Saturday a few weeks ago.

I know that that Super Foods green concoction in a bottle that I chugged on the way to Pasadena accounted for the gas pains. That drink combined with a too full stomach gave me the cramp in my side. It was the same thing I experienced in Hawaii. The only difference was that I wanted to finish the marathon so damn bad I just kept going.

When I got home, the morning really hit me like a brick. I've been wiped out all day. Still, I feel positive about the way I ran before I had to stop running. If I am able to take the same, relaxed, slower approach come marathon time, I believe I will do much better than Hawaii. I just have to stay away from the Power bars and getting too full in the morning.

So, I guess it's back to the Almonds. Ech.


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