Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Every time I help put Sophie to bed (she likes us to sniggle her for 5 minutes), she and I go over all of the things she did at kindergarten that day. I didn't realize how much I enjoy this part of our day until tonight. We had just finished watching the Vice Presidential debate and it was time for bed. Soph and I cuddled in her bed and I thought she would go right to sleep. While laying there in silence, I suddenly felt like something was missing. I wanted to hear what she did that day.

I say that like I'm surprised because there are times when I feel like I'm the world's biggest crank and I have no patience. But at these times with Sophie, I really love hearing how much she is learning and how she is interacting with her classmates. I am so proud of our little girl. She has really embraced school and is doing excellent in her class work. We’re so lucky to have Sophie in our lives. You couldn't ask for a more loving daughter. And she's such a kind big sister it brings tears to my eyes when I see her playing with Jake.

See, that's one of the reasons I do this fundraiser. Those two. I want them to have a long, long future together. I want them to love and hate each other, to get along and fight. Basically, I want them to have the same wonderful relationship that Julie and I have both had with our siblings. This is what I pray for at night. Besides a cure, I pray that these two will have each other to fall back on their whole lives.

So that's how the night ended. I love those kids.

Ran for 40 minutes this morning. With two weeks of 10-mile runs, I feel like I can give myself a little break until next week as I gear up for the 18 mile run.


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