Friday, October 01, 2004

Heading into tomorrow's 16-mile run, I feel calm and relatively carefree. 16 miles? Big deal.

Of course, ask me tomorrow and it may be a different story.

Jake has been feeling better and his cold seems to be almost gone. Sophie didn't get sick at, thank goodness, so I believe our house is almost germ free. Then again, I've been feeling run down all week. Perhaps it's time to kick coffee again. With the nights getting longer and the mornings starting to chill out, I can't afford to get sick, especially as we head into the colder months.

Okay, it's decided. No coffee until the end of the marathon. Then I shall bathe in a tub of black gold, filled with cream and sugar! Now that was a little gross. So, not only will I be aching from my run, but I'm pretty sure my body is going to go through withdrawal at about, say... 3:00.

No new donations. I just did a rewrite on a script, so I'll take time to compose a new letter this weekend.


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