Sunday, August 07, 2005

Got a call from Beth today

Beth called and we chit chatted for a few minutes until she proposed the idea that the two of us relay the marathon in January. She would walk a half marathon and I would run the other half. I think its an awesome idea. I think the two of us could raise a lot of money and really raise the interest in CF. There are some logistics that need to be worked out (I'm not sure the Carslbad marathon allows a relay team) but I'll figure it out.

Having someone else from the family there, participating in the race, that would be so inspiring to me. I know that Julie would jump in if she wasn't watching the kids. I tell you, I'm pretty excited about this at the moment. I hope it works out.

So far the weekend has been very nice. Jules worked today while I cleaned the house. We had the Inmans over for dinner. I really like them. I wish we hung out with them more frequently. After dinner we headed over to the park for a free concert by a Zeppelin cover band. These guys sounded like the real thing.

I know that these mundane little updates don't do much for anyone hoping to get the goods on my training. Truth is, I haven't done anything since Wednesday. But the back is feeling a lot better. So, I hope that by Monday I can at least get up and walk in the morning. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

That's all for now. It's late. Actually it's Sunday morning after midnight.



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