Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thursday again and it's been an eventful week. Sophie began the first grade yesterday and I am proud to say that she did fine. Julie is really sad that Sophie will be gone most of the day. But Sophie, so far, has been doing fine with the transition. Then again, it's only been two days. The four of us went to her new school together yesterday. I will always remember the ride up to the school and Elton john's "Tiny Dancer" playing on the radio. I feel like she's growing up so fast. Then I'll come home to find her and Jacob running around like maniacs. These simple reminders are all I need to let me know that she's going to be a kid for a while still. But I need to record these moments in my brain.

Jacob has been growing, too. We have been pleasantly surprised at how full his face is becoming, and that he fits in 3T clothes, even outgrowing some of the three size shirts he wears. Although he is still shorter than kids his own age, I don't feel that it's so noticeable that people may comment. We've also noticed that his appetite is increased as well. It may be due to an increase in his medicine, Megesterol. Could it be that we finally have some control over his enzymes? Let's hope so. But, he isn't growing fast enough for himself. Jake wants to be bigger. He wants to be a grown up. Or at least as big as Sophie. He cried yesterday because he was going to miss her while she was gone all day. Luckily, Jules has some fun activities planned for him throughout the Fall.

I began running this week, although the official half marathon training begins this Saturday. Ran 2 miles on Tuesday and two more today. I felt like I had good form. Was really winded toward the end of the run. Man, I'm out of shape. I look forward to training for the half. There’s a lot less pressure, and I know I can finish this race. Beth still wants to come out and participate with me. I think that will be great. And Seann said he would help fundraise, too. Maybe we could actually raise close to $15 thousand this year. That would be awesome.

All of the good feelings this week have been tempered by the fact that Kathy passed away on Saturday. While it is easy to say that her passing was a blessing to be over the horror of her cancer, the pain is still there. Karyn, Cindy and Ginger have a difficult time ahead of them. This is not something that will dissipate in the air. Whatever we can do for them, we will be there.

Julie went down to Lakewood on Saturday and she came back shell shocked and exhausted. She couldn't believe how withered Kathy was. The disease ate away at her body. But she was a hell of a woman and I know that there was no way it could tear into her soul. When we saw her several weeks ago, Kathy was as spirited as I'll always remember her. And because that was my last image of her, I'm having a hard time grasping her death. Am I numb because of everything I went through with Matt's death earlier this year? It just doesn't seem real. I know that when the memorial service is held next week, it will definitely sink in. Bless her soul.


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