Sunday, August 07, 2005

The back is finally feeling good enough that I'm going to get up again tomorrow and walk. I'll try to put in a couple of run cycles just to test everything. But I'm going to run the half marathon. It's already in my mind that I'm going to do it, so it's just a matter of when I'm going to run full time.

This was a great weekend. Jake and I spent a lot of the day together while Julie took Sophie shopping for new school clothes. The two of us did some errands, with was awesome. I remember having days like that with Sophie and I wish I had more with Jake. I’m sure they will come. As for Soph, she's just growing up too fast. 1st grade, man. Blows me away, know what I mean.

Found out my dad is having an angiogram sometime when he returns from his Ohio vacation. Budd told me that today. The fact that Beth told him, and I spoke to her for a half hour and it never came up was a little weird. But, par for course with our family. I'm a little concerned but will wait until I get to speak to him this week.

Note to self: Get dad a birthday present. And try to get something besides a book, dude. I know he likes to read... but every Father's day and birthday? Time to put some more thought into it. Of course, his birthday was last week.

Karyn's mom is doing worse. The brain tumors are bearing down on her. We're not sure how long it will be. Even writing that feels like a betrayal, like giving up. But I don't want her to be in pain. Tough, tough situation. I wish I could do more them. Julie has been such a good sister to Karyn. This morning Karyn called and just started telling me what is going on. That was a first since Kathy was diagnosed. Usually she would ask for Jules. I think Karyn just needed to unload right away and I was the one who answered. I felt pretty useless. Lots of "I'm sorry, Kar." Then I asked if talking to Julie would help and she said it would.

It doesn't seem right that life should end in this messy fashion. Then again, we live with this disease in our family and it doesn't seem right that a child should have to suffer from Cystic fibrosis.

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