Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hello Dodger fans,

I feel your pain. The "negotiations" between management and Manny Ramierez's agent have come to an impasse. The Dodgers offered too little and Manny is about to walk. I feel you pain because I have been there. I have seen Manny talk kindly to the fans and assure them that he wants to be in Cleveland, only to bolt the minute someone offers him more money. I don't entirely blame him, the guy is a Hall of Fame slugger who has hitting instinct that we have not seen in generations. Despite what the Dodgers and other teams feel, I assure you that Manny will be playing ball for more than the 5 years he is asking for.

All of the blame can't be placed on Manny or his agent, Scott Boras. The Dodgers have done their part in this charade. They offered Manny a contract they knew he would turn down. Sound familiar Clevelanders? It still amazes me that a team of the staure of the Los Angeles Dodgers, one of the largest markets in the country, could not find a way to make this work.

Fear not, Angelenos, we hear rumblings that Arte Moreno, an owner who puts his pocketbook where his mouth is, may place an offer on the table for Manny. With Garrett Anderson gone, there's an opening for a big bat in the Angels' outfield. Can you imagine Manny and Vlade in the same lineup? It'll be Boston all over again.

Dodger fan, I just wanted you to know that you're not alone. We of the Clubs Who Feed Us a Crock of Shit Just to Try and Save Face Support Group are there for you.


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