Monday, November 03, 2008

November roared in like a lion, pelting our city with a downpour of thunder and rain. It was quite fun, considering we don't get many rainstorms in Santa Clarita. Alas, it meant that I wouldn't be going on my 12 mile run Saturday morning. No matter, we hung out all day and didn't get dressed until sometime around 1:00. It was great.

I am in somewhat disbelief that election day is tomorrow. Julie just marveled at the fact that the Kerry/Edwards fiasco was four years ago. Where did those years go?

I've been pretty good about not following any of the polls and getting to caught up in the last minute happenings of this campaign race. Race. That's a funny word for the democratic process. Democracy isn't a competition. Democracy is not a game. This is serious business and the fact that so many get caught up in who is winning as opposed to who will lead our country with vision and confidence is worrisome.

I spoke with Steve yesterday afternoon and he's spent. He and his wife have been working for the Obama campaign in NC. His wife even shook Obama's hand (twice) at a ralley last Wednesday. Steve has expressed some concern that the polls are deceiving. I just don't believe it. If for some reason McCain ins this election, I fear that it will be a more polarizing administration than the one leaving office. Not just the fact that he has pissed off every single reporter in the land, but the fact that he has lost the respect of most of the nation both by the manner in which he chose to run his campaign, and the choice he made for running mate.

Some of you who read this blog may dis agree with me. Some of you may be thinking, why is Scott suddenly political. But if you've read thunderboplt long enough, you know how I think. One can't listen to the message in Springsteen's music and not feel a certain way about this country.

This leads to my final point tonight. Proposition 8 in California. Who's damn busniess is it whether a man and a man or two women want to get married? How does it harm you or me? It doesn't. Of churches don't want to marry gays and lesbians, that's their perogative. But to prevent them from going to the courthouse, from standing up in front of their family and friends and declaring their love, from preventing them from taking part in a community ritual, that is wrong. Plain and simple. It has nothing to do with schools. It has nothing to do with religion. It has everything to to with love and tolerance.

And if all of these people are so concerned about the "sanctity" of mariage, m,aybe thy should try to prevent to number of divorces that occur every year.

That's all for tonight.

Vote. Vote. I implore you to vote.


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