Saturday, November 15, 2008

Marathon update

Well, we did not drive down to Pasadena today. The 5 freeway was closed for most of the day due to the fires in Sylmar (which we can see when we're driving around town). Instead of driving for 6 hours through a detour, we opted to stay home and wait. The freeways are no open (as of 7:00) and we await word that the air quality will be good enough to hold the race. If that's the case (which we won't offcially find out about until 4 AM), then we'll take off in the van by 5:00 tomorrow morning. The only snag may be that I don't have my bib or chip. If the run organizers insist on me paying $30 to pick up my stuff (which, technically I shouldn't be allowed to do since I didn't fill out some form) then I'll run the race anyway without the bib or chip.

Should we not be able to run n Pasadena tomorrow, I've mapped out 13.1 miles up here and I will run it instead. I have trained and tomorrow I am running for CF.

I am running for my family.


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