Monday, November 17, 2008

The run

I completed the first ever Malchus CF Half Marathon at 2 hours and 44 minutes, 59 seconds. My goal was to beat 2 hours 45 minutes. How about that?

Man, it was HOT. I drank through my first bottle of water before I hit 6 miles. Luckily, Julie and the kids met me at 6 miles, and later at 10 miles to refill my water bottle and bring me much needed lip balm. The Santa Ana winds were blowing up dust and beating the crap out of my face. This turned out to be one tough run. However, it was worth it. Julie, the kids, and our neighbors, the Wills, all greeted me with a streamer tape to cross at the end of my 13.1 miles.

Now, I am sore, and I am suffering a bit of a letdown. You spend all of this time preparing and raising money (well, we never stop raising money) and suddenly, you feel like it's just OVER. Although I feel a huge weight off of my chest (for the first time since March, I can sleep in during the week and not feel a little guilty about missing a run), there is a touch of sadness, too.

I will have picture tomorrow.


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Caldermonkey said...

Congrats on the half marathon, Scott! And even more kudos to you for going through with planning an alternate route and completing the miles without the support, coordination or benefit of the actual race and its multitude of volunteers. That is inspiring.