Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Been a week or so. Sorry. We spent th weekend in Tucson with Mom and Dad. Although it was unusual to be the only family there for Easter, it turned out to be relaxing and fun weekend. Jake and I hit the bookstore while Sophie and Julie went to tea with Mom and her old friend, Louise. Even the drive out wasn't to painful. Coming back near;y proved disatrous as we were so low on oil the car started to make strange noises. But four quarts of 5-W 30 solved the problem ad we were back on the road.

Ran yesterday and it felt very good. The last time I had run was Friday morning and that was torture. Four miles in the Arizona heat, overdressed and overheating I was glad when that run was through. Still, I'm a little proud that I fought through that particular run. Have to get up early tomorrow and put in 30 minutes. My body is starting to get used to waking so early.

This morning was the CF Walk at the kids' school. They are having a fundraiser this week and hope to raise $1000. It's only Tuesday and they're already over $700. I am so damn proud of Julie and the hard work she put into organizing this fundraiser with Jacob's teacher.

One of the student council girls cam up to Julie and told her that she had earned money singing and wanted to donate $200 of her money to the fundraiser. Where do the big hearts of these children come from? It is inspiring.


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