Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Day 2

The second day of training and all went well. I was concerned because all day Monday was spent in some discomfort. Whatever I did to tweak my right leg back in 2005 came back. But I didn't have much pain today. There was a point during the morning when I could feel major stiffness (which went away after walking around for a bit). but then I took some sort of pain aid, conveniently available in the Zee medicine box at work. Since then, my legs have felt great.

Ran about 25 minutes this morning. I need to come up with some routes. Going out was fine, but the run back home after I turned around was dreadfully boring. I'm sure the fact that I was tired as hell didn't help. Went to see 'No Country for Old Men" last night and I didn't get home until 12:15. I liked the movie fine, though it left me feeling the same way a lot of Cohen Brothers movies make me feel:inadequate. A lot of the time, I feel like I'm not in on the joke with those guys. Not that it was a bad film. It was great in many aspects. Still, I think I enjoyed "Into the Wild" and especially "There Will Be Blood" so much better.

Julie sent out her fundraising emails on Monday and I sent out 60 tonight. There will be a posting on Popdose tomorrow as a part of this week's Basement Song. I hope the video works. It is, after all (as my friend, Sara, said) "delicious."

Parent/teacher conferences were this morning and both kids received raves from their teachers. I am so proud of those two children. I am a blessed man to have such loving and beautiful, smart kids.


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