Saturday, March 08, 2008

Long run #1

Up at 6 this morning and I ran three miles. Man, that feels like yesterday. We painted Sophie's room today and I can barely recall any of the run. I completed it in about 35 minutes and my legs felt pretty good. There were a couple of tweaks here and there, the usual aches I've always experienced. Like I said, we painted Soph's room today. The minute I walked in the front door, she was bouncing off the walls waiting to begin. I like the color she chose. She helped paint one wall and did most of the closet on her own. Three or four times she came into the room, looked around and declared, "I love my room." Tomorrow we're going to put up new curtains and rearrange the furniture.

Having moved her bookshelf, we discovered Sophie's kindergarten class picture laying between the shelf and the wall. My God, she looks so small in it. I feel like it was just last year that I repainted her room for the first time (from pink to purple) but it must have been around kindergarten. She is so mature in a lot of ways, but still such a little girl. The day began with me running and smiling. I am so thrilled that my legs have new life. The day has ended with me sleeping on the couch (because the other beds are filled) and I'm still smiling. I so thrilled tto have such a great family.

I look around this house and I can not imagine living anywhere else.


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