Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Thursday night. I'm tired. I've just finished a glass of scotch and a Rolling Rock. I hate daylight savings time. The training is going fine, though, my bowels seem to be hating me right now. Lots of rumbling, not a lot of action (if you know what I mean). My knees feel great. My back is sore. Sophie gave a speech in front of the entire school yesterday morning and she kicked ass. I'm not just saying that because she's my girl, Sophie really did great. I wih she would have let us bring the video camera. I am so proud of her.

Another person I am proud of is Jules. Man, is she so awesome when it comes to the fundraising and organizing. I feel like I'm doing nothing.

Feeling a little sorry for myself and I have to give it a rest. This wans't the best week at work, but you'll have that. I'm off to get some needed sleep.


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