Thursday, August 07, 2003

Didn't run this morning. I was so exhausted from trying to write the script and running early in the morning. Something had to give. Unfortunately, I have to complete the script by next week; I have 20 more weeks of running to recover form this morning.

(Editors note. My grammar is terrible. My last true grammar teacher was Jan Denman, my 12th Grade AP English teacher. I dread the day he may look at this web log, I also rely on Steve, my closest friend outside of Julie. I dread the day he looks at this site too).


Last night Jake did his first treatment with the Vest. We haven't been formally "trained" on it yet (that happens tonight), but we watched the informative VHS tape that came with it. We're supposed to work our way up to Jake wearing it 20 minutes/ twice a day. Well the champ did a 15 minute treatment last night.

Jules was teary eyed when she went to bed last night. There were moments during the treatment when he would look back at her, frightened, and just say (with pleading eyes) "Momma?"

I hate this fucking disease.

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