Friday, August 01, 2003

Didn't write yesterday. I was working on getting a package together for the Sundance Film Festival. Trying to keep a low key approach to entering KING'S HIGHWAY into festivals. In particular, the Sundance Festival. I really don't think the movie will get accepted, but there's that little piece of me that's holding out some hope.

For those of you unfamiliar with KING'S HIGHWAY (KH), it's a feature length movie I wrote and directed. It stars Geoff Stults, who has appeared on "7th Heaven" and "Dragnet", Lori Heuring, who starred in a popular thriller called "The In-Crowd" and appeared in David Lynch's "Mulholland Dr.", Ryan Alosio, who was in "The Hi-Line" opposite Rachel Leigh Cook (remember her?) and a funny guy named John DiResta, who was in "Miss Congeniality", "15 Minutes" (opposite De Niro) and has his own series on FX premiering tonight called "Trash for Cash".

We shot the bulk of the movie in 9 days back in May 2001. We had $3000.00 and killed ourselves in that week. It wouldn't have been such a big deal if, say, we were making a movie that takes place in one or two settings and had a few characters. But this is a ROAD trip movie! With Vespa scooters, my parents camper van and a boot car.

Anyway, it took us 2 years to finish the thing. Our actors were out of town when we needed to do pickups, so we had to wait. Our sound guy didn't label anything or call out our shots, so I had to listen to every take while watching the footage and log everything. That took three weeks. Jules and I bought our house and moved. We decided to edit a trailer for KH, which we had to do when our editor was available, so that took about a month (oh, and that trailer was pretty much abandoned after it was completed). Then our editor had to back out, so Villamor (Cruz) had to teach himself Final Cut Pro. And then Jacob was born.

The whole production kind of shut down when Jake was diagnosed. For obvious reasons, I didn't focus on the movie.

2002 was spent editing and doing the sound. Blah blah Blah. If you want to see the final movie, let me know.

My point was that I didn't write yesterday. I got up at 5:30 and ran for forty minutes (approximately 4 miles). I was DEAD by the end of the day, to say the least. Almost didn't have the energy to let the cats in. Today, I rode my bike for about an hour.

I'm having trouble concentrating when I'm out there. I get so stressed about things, it makes it difficult to relax and just exercise.

This entry isn't making much sense, so I'll leave off with a list of the albums in the CD player this past week:

Spingsteen, "Born to Run"

Young Dubliners, "Red"

Men at Work, "Essential Collection" (I'm a glutton for 80's new wave)

Jayhawks, "Rainy Day Music"

I've also added a link to "Radio Paradise", an awesome internet radio station I listen to all of the time.

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