Monday, August 11, 2003

The weekends seem to be the most difficult time to sit down and write. The whole day kind revolves around spending time with the kids and doing whatever housework needs to get done. The nighttime is generally the only time Jules and I get to spend together. However, since I'm working on this script, we didn't even get to do that.

On Saturday we ran 5 miles as a team. Beth, the latest edition to the CF team, ran with Rebecca and me. She completed a half marathon a couple of weeks ago, so she's got a little more experience than me. She sets a good pace, so I think it will be good to run with her. We had to run up this gnarly hill... treacherous is more like it. Besides going straight up, I thought the thing was completely unsafe to run down. There were so many rocks (BIG rocks) that one slip could have meant stitches.

Listen to me, complaining like a big baby.

The run walk method is really working out. Those five miles we ran on Saturday were easier than any of the 5 mile runs I've done on my own. My legs didn't feel like they were about to melt and I wasn't completely wasted after the run. This is a good thing.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing some much needed shopping (I finally got some new running attire), going out to eat at BJ's (which is a supporter of CF. If you've never been there, the food is AWESOME... the beer ain't too bad either), and taking in a freed Canned Heat concert at the park.

You know, Canned Heat. I'm not the only one who has heard of them, am I. "On the road again"... "Up to the country"... Man, I feel old, and I wasn't even alive during Woodstock.

Yesterday's sermon at church was inspiring. I was moved to tears. Pastor Stan discussed how we are all given gifts and we should use these gifts to better the world. Sounds very simple, but when you show clips from "Dumbo", man, you're tugging on the heartstrings. I couldn't help thinking about Jake and what he may have to offer down the line. And I couldn't help thinking that I should be writing about something more important than a Mexican ghost haunting a college student.

This "El Charro" script has been an ordeal for me. I feel so uninspired, and when I finally sit down to write, I feel like the biggest hack on earth. This could be the worst thing I've ever written. I don't feel proud about that. I take pride in my writing, even if it's genre material. I just feel like I haven't had enough time.

I've been so impatient lately. I'd like to think it's from being tired from the marathon training, but more likely it's the weight of completing this script. Subconsciously, it's wearing me out.

But, I'll be done in a couple of days... and then the Boss comes to town on Sunday.

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