Thursday, August 07, 2003

Sorry about that little outburst. It will interesting to count how many times I write "I hate this fucking disease" before I'm done with the Marathon. Let's make it a game, shall we? The winner receives a free copy of KING'S HIGHWAY.

I have now watched Spike Jonze and Charles Kaufman's "Adaptation" one and a half times. The thing about Spike Jonze (and he's only directed 2 features) is that he is able to tap into the sadness of every day life and still instill hope. I found myself very moved by Adaptation (and parts of "Being John Malkovich" as well). I am eager to see what he does next. I have no doubt it will be wonderful and intelligent.

I think that's what's troubling me right now about doing this script for Ryan (Johnson...producer of KH); I want to do something with meaning. I want to do something with heart. It's difficult to pull that off in any writing, let alone something I'm trying to get done in 2 weeks.

In my heart, I have so many stories to tell. I wonder if I'll have the opportunity to write them.


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