Sunday, August 31, 2003

Sunday night and we’ve just returned from the Dodgers game. What a great night. We bought tickets online this afternoon and got to the game just as the National Anthem was being sung (about 5:10). The thing I like about Dodgers Stadium is that no matter where you sit you can see the game really well. The seats are very steep, but it makes up for it by giving everyone a great sight line. Our $6 seats were 5 rows from the top of the stadium. But it was really awesome. We sat in the shade and we were close to concessions. Plus, the game went really fast, with a run scoring 7th inning for the Dodgers.

With a 3 run lead in the 9th, Eric Gagne, the Dodgers unstoppable closer came in to the sound of G’n’R’s “Welcome to the Jungle”. I actually got chills. T was just a really cool sp[orts moment. Makes me want to kick myself that we haven’t gone to more games in the past. Steve always tells me hgow envious he is that we live in a city with a major league baseball team. Now that we know that the cheap seats are great, I think we’ll be attending more games in the future. Sophie likes going to them, too (more for the 7th inning stretch and the tradition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”, but hey, it still gets us through most of the game, right?)

We drove home jammin’ to the Boss, all of us singing along to the tape I made Sophie months ago. To complete the night, I got a bootleg Dodgers cap for five bucks as we drove into the parking lot. I think I may have finally become a Dodgers fan tonight., it only took me nine years.

The rest of the weekend has been a mixed bag. Yesterday I ran 9 miles. The run felt great. The mental hurdle of doing 8 last week was gone. It really was like “Lord of the Rings”. I just needed to step over that line of the farthest I’d gone. I have no doubt I’ll be able to run the marathon. And the run felt great, too. When we finished, I checked out the times of the other runners who are doing a 4/1 and we were only 4 minutes behind them. So, we must be doing well.

The key to getting through the day was taking a nap halfway through the day. I was close to falling asleep at lunchtime. By about 1:30, Sophie and I laid down together and I was out like that. But, man, it really revived me for the end of the day. We went over to Budd and Karyn’s to watch a “drive-in” movie. One of their neighbors projected a kids movie on their garage for all of the neighborhood kids. It was really neat. It was like the childhood dream of growing up in a neighborhood that I always wanted.

The night got weird for me when we took out Jake’s vest and did his breathing treatment. It brought me down REAL fast. Budd and I had been high from watching the OSU Washington game, but the minute we brought out the vest… I got very sad. It was like, having them see it… I can’t describe it, really. It’s like, while it’s in our home, we can deal with it and it’s like part of OUR lives. But as soon as we showed it to someone else, then it makes it more real. I don’t know if that makes senses. The same thing happened the first time we took Jake’s breathing machine with us on a trip. Having everyone kind of stare at it in wonder makes me feel… sad.

I wish a day could go by, just one day, in which we didn’t have to think about it. I mean, we’ll always have to think about it, but I wish there was just some sort of escape from it when we’re outside the house. That’ll never happen, though, will it?

Look forward to having tomorrow off and hanging our new screen door. I predict I will be cursing it out within the first hour.


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