Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Had an interesting morning that included an interview by one of my fellow Week In Rock roundtable co-horts, Ted Asregadoo. Ted has a website, (which has some really cool interviews… Paul Krugman! Clors Leachman! Eddie ‘freakin’ Money!), and he also works at two radio stations in northern California, KKIQ/KKDV, in Pleasanton. Ted’s doing a public affairs feature on CF, Great Strides and the Bloggers for A Cure. Gracias, Ted.

It’s very odd being interviewed. I feel like such a phony and get very tongue tied. The interview we did for the Santa Clarita paper turned out nicely, but I still felt like I was faking my way through it. Sort of like being half prepared for an exam and being able to bullshit your way through the rest (and no, Denman, I studied for every one of your tests… I just didn’t do well). My biggest fear is that I come off sounding like I have no clue about the disease or its effects. Worse, if anyone asks me about the medicines…. Well, we’ve already gone there (hey, I know 95% of the medicines by heart and I pretty much know what they all do). Julie is the pro. If someone wants to talk to a person who has it down, it’s her. Me? I’m just a dad trying to do my best and raise my kids under unusual circumstances.

Enough about me. Ted is doing a wonderful thing by addressing CF and bringing attention to the disease. He also interviewed my buddy, Jeff Giles (of jefitoblog… seriously, if you like music, why haven’t you gone there yet?) We were supposed to be in a conference call. That would have been great. Alas, technology would not permit it. I did hear Jeff’s voice for two seconds before we got disconnected. So, he will remain like Charlie on “Charlie’s Angels”, this disembodied voice (albeit, one who deals in words instead of speakerphones) who shepherds all of us angels into doing good deeds.
Jeff and I have been in a constant discussion about Crowded House and Neil Finn for the past couple weeks. I’m pretty stoked about their new CH record. Jeff strongly recommended a Finn Brothers album from a few years back that I plan to pick up this week.

The other interesting aspect of my day came when I received an email from a friend (one who reads the blog) who advised I look into therapy for my constant state of sadness. It’s funny, because I often think about if I’m depressed. My answer is generally… what I’m depressed about isn’t going to change unless there is a cure. Perhaps talking to someone on a regular basis would be a good idea. I don’t know. I’m in no way trying to downplay how nice it was for my friend to send me the email. That she cared about me enough to send it is very touching. And just seeing Steve’s reaction on Friday when I told him that I cried a lot… well, it almost made me cry. He was stunned. Mouth slightly gaping while the crowd of Dodgers Stadium was cheering. That was a pretty good indication that something isn’t “normal”.

But what is normal? Normal for me is getting through the morning with all of the craziness and holding my breath until everyone is off to school. Then doing the same thing at night. Maybe I’m sad because I don’t feel as if I’m spending enough time with Sophie and Jake. I don’t have an answer. That’s the sad thing. I’m clueless.

Truth be told I feel like I have a grip most of the time. I just need a release. Think Holly Hunter in “Broadcast News.” That was healthy, wasn’t it?

Don’t answer that.


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Py Korry said...

You are SO welcome, Scott! Everything turned out just fine -- except for the stupid conference feature on our phone lines. I hope to get this posted as a podcast by tomorrow.