Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sophie's old man

With readership suddenly jumping into the twenties, I have had requests to post a picture of what I look like these days (or were those the voices in my head?).

I had planned on making an appointment with the Sears Photography Studio and having a formal portrait done. I still have the corduroy suit from my first homecoming dance and I swear, it still fits! No, really! But, with digital photography so readily available, I decided it would be much easier (i.e. cheaper) to just snap something of myself and post it.

Then I looked at every recent photo of myself and decided that two chins are more than any of you need to see. Thus, it was back to the drawing board. Literally. I came across an amateur artist who was able to get my likeness perfectly, especially the lips. In addition to it being the perfect portrait of me, you can feel the love oozing from the drawing. Each brush stroke (or marker tip, I guess) was placed to the paper with care and grace.

Thanks, Sophie.


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