Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Just another update

The weekend was excellent. Julie's birthday was Saturday and we had an opportunity to go out like adults. The two of us went to dinner while Budd watched Sophie and Jacob. It sucks that she had to work on her birthday, but we both understand the reality of our lives. You take work when they give it to you. This year the kids got her a Rachel Ray cookbook, which Julie was excited to receive. I bought her a new Alison Krauss compilation. I nearly bought her an MP3 player so she would have a source for her own music while she drives around town. I'm determined to make sure she continues to have the kind of music she likes so that someday she can actually listen to something other than Radio Disney.

Sunday was spent straightening up the house. We planted shrubs outside the front doorway. It was a very casual day. That night, a couple of Julie's friends (other moms from school) took her out for drinks to celebrate her birthday. I'm glad that she went, in fact, I told her to go. She needs to have adult friends to go out with wand bitch about things and/or just talk about nonsense shit. And it's good for to have adult interaction with people other than me. I know how therapeutic it was to have Steve come and visit and for the two of us to have time to just talk and bullshit. She had a good time.

Yesterday, we cleaned the house for Mom and Dad's arrival on Thursday. I have to tell you, I really am touched that they drive out here every year to participate in this walk with us. I know that they usuall6y do the walk in Tucson, as well. They could easily just stay in Arizona, but they are determined to let us know that they are going to support us in every way they can. We also took the kids to see "Shrek the Third". Of the four movies I watched over the weekend, it wasn't the worst, but it was the second most disappointing. Honestly, I felt it retread a lot of ground from the second film. Still, the kids liked it a lot.

The dark cloud appears to be lifting off of my head for the timing being. I need to take advantage of this time and write as much as I can before that crap comes back. There were times over the weekend when I just felt so empty, as if I have a huge pit in my belly that needed to be fed. Yet, no matter how much I ate, there isn’t enough food in the house to fill it. After two days of eating crap, I quite bloated. Gads.

Like I said, I saw four movies over the weekend. I finally watched "Amelie", after having a copy in my possession for, oh, six months? It's my friend’s copy. Actually, it has become sort of a running joke that it has taken me so damn long to watch it. I thought it was a nice movie, visually stunning and all, but it tired me. Seriously, I started watching at 9:30 and dozed off a couple of times. I can't blame it entirely on subtitles. The second film I saw was "A Civil Action" starring John Travolta. The film was very disappointing considering the pedigree of talent. But I had read about 100 pgs. of the book the movie is based on and the movie glosses over a great deal of information that could have proved very cinematic. Travolta was completely wrong for the part. I mentioned Shrek already.

Yesterday morning, Sophie woke up early and after I returned from my walk, we watched "Night at the Museum" together. I am a big Ben Stiller fan, but I didn’t know what to expect. I loved this movie. And I loved that Sophie and I had an opportunity for the two of us to watch it together while Jake and Julie slept in. She and I don't get to do things like that much. This is my biggest concern, that she will feel neglected. I believe that after this weekend she and I will begin riding our bikes to the Library on a regular basis. We have done it once and it was great fun.

Finally, I have to mention that we have raised over Twelve Thousand dollars so far this year (Team Jacob, that is). This is incredible. Bloggers For A Cure is a great success. Considering that they kind of threw it together (Jeff's words), I'm am proud that they raise nearly $2000. Most astonishing is Pam Adlon, Karyn's friend (also the voice of Bobby Hill on "King of the Hill" and Andy on "Squirrel Boy"). Pam has raised over FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS in less than a week. Fuckingu8nbelieavable (pardon the French). If there are any of you out there that even glance over this blog and you haven't made a donation... please consider donating.

That's all I have for now.


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