Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Listen to what the man says

Last week I did and interview for a radio show up in Northen California which aired this past weekend. It's an excellent piece, even though I sound like a dork. The representative from the CF Foundation does a great job. And our course, my buddy Jeff Giles is the third guest, sounding all cool and shit.

The audio is set up at my friend, Ted's, blog, Py Korry.

Here is a direct link to the page.

Please check it out. It's only 20 minutes of your life. Think of how much time you spend suffering through Radio Disney.. no, that's me, sorry... and it will seem like nothing.


1 comment:

jb said...

What ARE you talking about, Scott?
Dork? I must have been on the wrong channel.
You sound like an eloquent concerned parent.
And Ted put together a pretty good show.
Well done to him, too.