Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Jake's Mini March

A brief interlude from my entries on Steve to write about the CF mini-march Jake's pre-school class held this morning. His teachers wanted to show the kids (four and five year olds) that they can make a difference, even though they're little kids. So, a mini march was organized in which the entire class would walk around the school. Each child was asked to seek donations for the CF Foundation. Julie helped organize it by writing the letter home to the parents (which was then adapted by the teachers).

Yesterday, while Jake was home sick from school, the teachers read the book "Mallory's 65 Roses" which is a wonderful children's book that explains some of the disease. Today, when Jake came to class and the kids were getting ready for the march, they were chanting "Go Jacob! Go Jacob!" It fills me with such joy that these children accept Jake for who he is and not some kid who is different and has to take a lot of medicine. I only wish life were always like that.

Jules went to the school for the march and the little kids walked around the entire school. When the donations were tallied up, the total came to $840! Can you believe that? This just go4es to prove that even the littlest people can make a difference.


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