Friday, January 13, 2006

entry for 1/12/06

Beth and her family arrived to L.A. tonight. I amazed that the weekend we planned so many months ago in August is finally here. As I've said before, I'm thrilled that they have traveled all this way to be as one family in the fight against CF. I'm a little surprised that I don't have butterflies for the race. No fear. Truly, I am not at all apprehensive about running on Sunday. Will my overall time be better than previous races? Sure. Right. Uh huh.


Do I care? Not in the least. Perhaps this is the first race for me in which the cause is more important than the actual moment. To explain-- the past races were always about raising money and awareness, of course. And these efforts went on up until race day. But on race day, it became about me. It became about getting my best time and just completing the thing. Not this weekend. The cause is more important than the actual moment.

I'm fried. I stayed up until 1:30 last night revising a spec script I then submitted to the story editor of the series I am working on. Although excited about the prospect of being given the opportunity to write a freelance script, I'm trying to remain realistic. I haven't written much comedy and the little I have done was years ago. So, that would be a major hurdle. Plus, experience is a factor. Still, no hard feelings. The two writers I have become friendly with are very supportive. Just being able to pick their brains has been helpful.


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