Monday, January 02, 2006

The last day of my vacation and I was supposed to be painting our bedroom. With the new closet doors finally installed, we decided that it would be the right time to change the color of the room. I spent a couple of hours at OSH Hardware store yesterday choosing a color and buying paint. It was the perfect, mindless activity to be involved with after a night a vodka and cranberry juice (not to mention the couple of glasses of egg nog Budd and I slugged at the end of the night). As I waited for my paint to get mixed, I wandered aimlessly through the aisles of OSH, noting the many types of primer and asphalt sealer that I, hopefully, will never have to use. While I waited, a man, let's call him a shorter, stockier version of Bono, stood at the paint counter, patiently counting the minutes his shade of blue would be ready for him. Bono was still wearing pajama bottoms and shades. Something told me that he was in the same, slow moving state of mind as I was.

Once Bono left. The paint was ready and away I went, home to show off the colors and get everything ready for today. And once the color was chosen, it was back to OSH, this time with Sophie en tow. Everything was set for me to do my best Van Gogh on the walls (or, at least, my best summer paint crew imitation).

However, it was not meant to be today. Jules is down with the flu. A nasty strain has been making its way through our neighborhood. From what we know about it, everyone in the house should expect to be vomiting within the next 24-48 hours. I will do my best to combat the illness until the weekend so I can go to work for the rest of the week. Getting back into the swing of things tomorrow is going to be difficult. I've grown to love just being at home with the family, doing nothing. Oh, to be so wealthy that I didn't have to work a "normal" job. But, we don't have a "normal" life in this family, now do we?


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