Saturday, January 28, 2006

The problem with biology...

Fell asleep three times last night. Once while putting Jake to bed. Then Sophie woke up and wanted me to snuggle her...#2. Finally, I got up around midnight so I could wash and boil the nebulizer cups. While the water was starting to boil, I fell asleep on the couch. Wait, if you count actually crawling into bed to sleep for the rest of the night, that's actually four times. So, you can understand why I didn't have an opportunity to sit down and wait for our dial up to take 15 minutes to connect and our AOL service to take another 10 minutes to get me to the Blogger web page.

So far, it's been mostly me and Jake together this weekend. Jules had to work today and Sophie wound up going over to B&K's to play with her cousins. When she came home, Jules got back from work and the two of them went to a birthday party for the girls down the street. So, Jake and I have been hanging out. He's passed out on the couch right now. Little guy really needs to take a nap during the day, but he didn't today.

It doesn't help that I'm painting the master bedroom. You may be thinking, why doesn't Jacob just sleep in his own bed. BWA HA HA HA! No, really, that's pretty funny.

Painting the room always takes me back to my college summers spent working on the North Olmsted Maintenance Crew with Steve. I always think that that was a lazy time for us, but when I look back, we did a lot of painting during those summers. I'm not saying we were professionals, but I don';t think they would have kept hiring us back if we were complete fuck ups.

What's ironic is that I was listening to the Classic Rock XM radio station and pretty much the same songs we were listening to that summer were playing today.

What's the deal with satellite radio, anyway? I thought there would be more variety. Maybe there are more stations, but all of the stations are pretty much formatted radio stations like you'd find on the FM dial. So where's the appeal? No commercials? I guess. But I want to hear a variety of music, man. Play me Radiohead followed by Lou Reed followed by Diana Ross & the Supremes followed by some Hank Williams and top the little set with some Journey, Shawn Colvin and the Boss. Where's THAT radio station? It doesn't exist. At least, not on XM. And as far as I can tell from checking our the Sirius channel listing, they don't have anything like that either. Where's the variety?

Julie and Sophie just got home so that's all for tonight.


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