Friday, January 13, 2006

No Way Out to the Weekend

We're winding down the week and getting ready for our trip to Carlsbad tomorrow. The weather forecast predicts rain both days of the weekend. What is it with me running races and crummy weather. Either it's too hot (Honolulu), unseasonably cold (San Francisco) or frigidly cold (OC last year... and perhaps this weekend). Whatever. It'll all be over on Sunday and I can begin my search for a new fundraiser.

Listening to the Eagles at the moment, feeling kind of mellow. I have this love hate feeling about the Eagles. I really love some of their music (especially their early stuff), but, man, do they act like arrogant jerks sometimes. That's just me, though.

So, my movie this week was "No Way Out", from 1987, starring Kevin Costner, Gene Hackman, Will Patton (underrated) and Sean Young. It's an adaptation of "The Big Clock", although only in spirit (if you ask me). The performances all hold up, especially Sean Young. I don't think she was ever as good as she was in this one. Her character is so full of life and seemingly in control of her life, even though she's Hackman's mistress. Hackman is fine. Pretty standard stuff from him. Costner was just beginning to become a star, so he has most of the same mannerisms he had in "The Untouchables"- heroic, at times a little stiff. Nothing that would lead you to believe he could be so damn good in "Bull Durham (just a year later).

It's really two movies. The love affair between Costner and Young takes up the first hour. Then it becomes a "thriller" (which is where it pulls from "The Big Clock"). Overall, the movie remains enjoyable, save for Maurice Jarre's dated synthesizer score.

There you go, my mini film review for this week.

The next couple days I will have to keep notes on the side and will make entries on Sunday.


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