Friday, January 06, 2006

I had thought about reviewing the two movies I saw this week. (CAT IN THE HAT, starring Mike Myers--dreadful. SPIRITED AWAY--stunning). However, I spoke with my sister Beth this evening and learned that one of my nephew's friends died this week from bacterial meningitis. Zyg is Sophie's age and to have to handle the concept of someone your own age dying is beyond my comprehension.

And Beth knew the child as well, so she is obviously shook up about it too. Any attempt to be glib wouldn't feel right tonight.

We're going to see Beth and her family next week when they come out to participate in the Carlsbad half marathon with me. I'm still very excited that she's a part of this. Sometimes, because she and Heidi are on the other side of the country, I wonder if they feel left out. Sure, giving large donations can make you feel good, but I feel like being with the person you're helping can be so uplifting. I hope that Beth, Tom and Zyg feel that next week.


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